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Jon Ledbetter
02/24/06 08:19
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#110683 - Typo Oops
Responding to: Jon Ledbetter's previous message
Jon Ledbetter said:
1) Get schematic or whatever it is that you want to post, on your screen.

2) Press "PrtSc" (Print screen) button - this puts an image of your screen on the clipboard.

3) Go to Start> Run > mspaint to run Paintbrush (comes with windows)

4) Do "Crtl" + "V" or do a paste from the menu

5) Cut/crop/edit the image as you want and save as a .gif or .jpg format.

6) upload the image to your user home page or other location

to post it use the (img scr = " url to image here") but use the greater than/less than signs instead of the parenthesis.

The above should be (img src = "url to image here") but use < and > instead of ( and )


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         Thank you all for your help.      Sun Din      02/27/06 08:42      

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