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Erik Malund
02/27/06 07:36
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Mt Airy, Nc

#110851 - handle your microprocessor functi
Responding to: Laki Matt's previous message
I need step by step manual how bevelop projects in C - what I need everything setup atc. -
Is there something like that somewhere in the net?
Short examples may be...

If you had even looked for 3 minutes, you would have found referenced to the uVision getting started guide.

I am C/C++, java developer but C programing for 8051 is a big different think :) - I need develop firmware whitch calculating sqrt, pow,+,-/, in 32bit number, controling PINs (R/W), to do serial comunication , writing calculated data into exteranl memory (off-chip) ..... I hoped it is simple code but for 8051 is different like for x86 procesors:(
You discover that AFTER you have selected the processor !!!
There is a trend in some circles "the '51 is chesp, let us use that" fine, but are you willing to add memory to hold all your routines, get a fater derivative, to handle your microprocessor functions "sqrt, pow,+,-/" in a microcontroller?


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