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Ian Bell
03/01/06 08:36
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United Kingdom

#110978 - Blogging
Until today I thought blogging was just a way for individuals to publish the boring details of their everyday little lives. Then I read an article in the IEE news about corporate blogging and how it is being used as a means to promote discussion about a design as it progresses - the idea being that the design is better for it.

It seems to me that this might be beneficial for group members who are in the process of designing. So would it make sense to set up an 8052 blogging community, either as part of or separate from it? We could each post our designs as they unfold and hopefully gain valuable input from the community. I am not suggesting this should substitute for the existing forum but rather complement it. For example if someone posts a problem to the forum they could simply refer to their blogg for details of the design.

What do you all think?


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      Terminology      Ian Bell      03/03/06 09:36      

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