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Ian Bell
03/01/06 11:18
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United Kingdom

#110998 - Practical Blogging
Responding to: Craig Steiner's previous message
Craig Steiner said:
If I understand correctly, it seems to me the idea of "blogging" a project would make more sense when done among a group of people that are actually working on the project. Since probably only one person at is going to work on any given project (and may or may not be able to discuss much about it due to NDAs or trade secrets, etc.) I'm not sure how this would work here.

Depends. Sun for example have set up a corporate blog. Elements are accessible only to employees but large parts are accessible to the public. It has made about 1000 Sun employees 'visible' on the net.

Group blogs for folk working on a common project are also discussed in the article. Often these are confined to an intranet. Clearly not relevant to

As far as is concerned, I would have thought that NDAs and trade secrets already prevent people discussing project details on the forum. A blog would be no different so for people in this postition it would not offer much.

I work for a charity. There are no NDAs or trade secrets to worry about. For folk like me and all the hobbyists and college kids a blog could be a convenient place to keep project related stuff that others could see if they wished or were asked.

I've always thought that blogs were essentially glorified message forums where, primarily, only one person (the owner of the blog) really has much of a voice. I.e., it's a message discussion forum without any meaningful discussion. :)

I think this is how blogs started out and the majority are still like this. According to the IEE article though, blogs are now seen as another tool that can have quite legitimate business uses. I just wondered if they might be useful to us too.


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