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Ian Bell
03/01/06 13:20
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United Kingdom

#111007 - Differences
Responding to: Craig Steiner's previous message
Craig Steiner said:
I agree with everything you wrote, Ian. I'm just not sure I understand how, in an environment like, having individual member blogs or being able to openly discuss projects in the forum really differs that much from the message forums we already have.

Well the forum messages tend to be problem specific. A blog would be project (or person) specific. Try not to think of a blog as a forum (or a competitor to a forum) its more a (public) repository of information.

I'm not trying to shoot down your idea. Maybe I just don't understand it yet. But I'm having a hard time understanding how your idea differs significantly from the forums that already exist, and lacking a major difference, I'm concerned about further segmenting the communication on the site so that those that follow the forums would then have to follow additional message areas.

First I am not particularly pushing it. I just read this IEE article and it seemed it might be something we should discuss. Second I am not particularly suggesting it should be a part of this site. After all there is nothing to stop someone setting up a project blog anyway. Then if they want to ask a question on the forum they can simply point members to their project blog where all the project details are: photos, circuits, PCB layouts, code etc. It would help posters give more information on their question (something we are always complaining about) without having to upload circuits and code to It could also save considerable bandwidth and storage space on


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