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Oliver Sedlacek
03/02/06 02:10
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#111040 - Document renaming?
Responding to: Jon Ledbetter's previous message
If the manufacturers datasheet doesn't have a meaningful file name, I've taken to renaming it. Linear Tech used to be a prime example as they just seemed to use arbitrary numbers. Now that all operating systems support long file names you can be quite explicit . For app notes I usually keep the manufacturers reference in the file name and add a bit of descriptive info.

There seem to be two goals when organising datasheets. One goal is to quickly find the datasheet for a specific part so that you can check a specific fact. The second goal is to be able to quickly find a selection of similar devices of a different catagory, e.g. 8bit Flash micros, 16bit micros without ROM etc. I organise my stuff with the first goal in mind and use tables for the second.

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