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Andy Peters
03/02/06 15:55
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Tucson, Az

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#111115 - comments and suggestions
Responding to: Jon Ledbetter's previous message

I'm sorry but I abhor apostrophe abuse and the pedant in me is oddly compelled (to split an infinitive) to point out the errors on your title page!

"This guide to help noob's or newbies to get the most out of and it's forum."

The plural of noob is simply noobs. No apostrophe needed, as it's not a contraction, unlike my use of it's, which is a contraction of it is.

The possessive form of it is simply its, also no apostrophe required. Think of this gender-neutral possessive in the same way you think of the possessive form of the pronoun he, which is to say, his, and not hi's.

Hopefully, this gentle correction has been helpful and is appreciated.

If not, then the following cartoon has a much more aggressive way of stating the above:

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