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Richard Erlacher
03/04/06 11:26
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Denver, Co

#111257 - Careful, now ...
Responding to: Mahmood Elnasser's previous message
The EP9xx is part of the old "classic" CPLD series that Altera made back in the '80's. They're still supported by the free MaxPlus+2 software, though, and IF THE DEVICES YOU HAVE ARE WINDOWED CERAMIC PARTS, you can reuse them. If not, you're out of luck.

These devoces are NOT JTAG-programmable, but require a dedicated programmer, as what Altera once sold, or a multipurpose device such as the Data I/O Unisite or others in their product line.

MaxPlus+ has a built-in simulator. It also supports JTAG programming of devices that include that feature. Note that it is possible to program ALTERA's 7000-series JTAG programmable devices into a state in which the JTAG pins no longer work as JTAG pins. Those devices can be reused, but have to be erased in a programmer that knows how to reprogram them.

Good Luck!


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