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Ian Bell
03/06/06 15:31
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United Kingdom

#111445 - What type?
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Erik Malund said:
I (stupid foreigner) may have the wrong idea what "typed" means in this context, the dictionary is no help. Can you clarify?

That's a really good question Erik. It's one of those things you know the meaning of untill someone asks you what it is ;-) I am no language expert but my definition of types is the number of intrinsic sorts of variables. A language is strongly typed if you cannot assign a variable of one type directly to one of another type. 8051 assembly language has two intrinsic sorts of variables (types), bits and bytes. The nature of the instruction set (language) is that you cannot accidentally assign one type directly to another type (the instructions just do not exist) so it is strongly typed.

C has a different number of intrinsic sorts of variables (types), like int, char, float etc. It is poorly typed because you can quite legally assign one type to another.

Notice I have specifically excluded types defined by the user (structs in C for example).



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