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Suresh R
03/07/06 02:05
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Responding to: Kai Klaas's previous message
Kai Klaas said:

It's no standard developing practise to test whether a relay can withstand a certain switching stress or not, because all relevant data is already in the datasheet!

Standard design practise is, to choose a relay, where the switching current lies well within the maximum specification. Then, you will not need any additional testing.

Erik said:

Your totally irrelevant circuit does not test if the reed switch get damaged, only if it get destroyed.

iam familiar with the ratings which i have given below. but iam not testing it to use in my circuit but need to do the test and observe the switch life expectancy on such an application (no of cyles passed is to be checked)
succedingly contact resistance, damage in contacts, Ampere turns could also be checked after the test.

So, by doing the above succeding tests i could also take a note on the damage caused to the reed switch after the test.
only samples are tested.

Kai Klass said:

To test your relay by your circuit is a waste of time, because it only tells you whether the relay becomes suddenly destroyed or not, which is rather unlikely to happen in your case.

yes. i can understand it. but i was asked to do so :(
but i hope the test would be resonable in getting familiar with the points you have mentioned below.

Kai Klass said:

Or by other words, stressing the contact beyond maximum specifications does not neccessarily result in a destroyed contact, but in a bad contact, becoming worse and worse with each additional overstressing switching event!

Kai Klass said:

You will find the maximum switching current for model "72" as to be 1.0A. So, if your maximum switching current is 2.6A, then it's just exeeding the maximum specification and your relay will show an early failure in the near future.

For my case, the ON / OFF cycle of the switch is:
10 sec OFF continued by 2 sec ON.
and the switch is going to experience this 2.6A only during the inrush current condition of that 2sec ON period.

The reed switch iam testing is tested for 10W/VA capability.
carry current is 1.5A
switching current is .5A

At normal condition (after the inrush current flows) the switch would experience V*I = 12* .291 = 3.5W
At normal condition it satisfies.
But at current inrush (which will be for very less time) the power experienced by the switch seem to go high => 12* .291* 8.8 = 30.7296W.
Since its going to be for very short period will that affect the performance very badly?

suggestions please.

Terry said:

The 40 ohm resistor will limit the inrush and final current as well THe final voltage on the bulb will be in the 8 volt area with the resistor in place
For a true inrush test use the load circuit you intend to use in your final design

i used the 40R to set the current to the lamp load rated 12V / 3.5W.

Terry said:

What wattage resistor have you selected?

since the lamp needs 12V fully iam not sure of selecting a suitable power rating(since there would bedrop for the power rating chosen) for the 40R resistor.
Advice on that could be help ful.

Terry said:

is this how the lamps will be used in the intended circuit?

The circuit i have posted is just to check the life expectancy on such application. not the intended circuit.

after all what i need to work out is,
Test the reed switch sustainability and
look for suitable measures to control the inrush current phenomena to prevent the damage to the switch.

Thanking all,

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