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Jez Smith
03/08/06 12:44
  03/08/06 13:36

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#111646 - you want a laugh?
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Talking of stuck up know nothing programmers who wouldnt know a hardware bug if it bit them in the bum, i was talking to someone today who is a very experienced hardware and software guy 25 years of working on all the big projects you can name and he went for an interview with a design consultancy firm,quite well known, cos he fancied a change of location and so on and all this consultancy firm were interested in was not what he could do for them but what university he went to and what A levels he got 25 years ago, because they said they wanted to give their customers the impression that their staff had been to the 'right' university,he told them to get stuffed.
This was a firm called PA consulting based in Cambridge enough said..
In england the top engineering universies are Manchester Birmingham,Bristol and Loughbourgh I went to Bristol so I am O.K :-)
The ones which look good are Oxford,Cambridge and maybe edinburgh if daddy can afford it.

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