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Jan Waclawek
03/09/06 07:21
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#111716 - hmmmm
Responding to: Joseph Hebert's previous message

thanks for the exhaustive explanation; I like to learn something new.

I just wanted to say that us who speak mostly a sort of electronics-pidgin instead of English are sometimes puzzled by those extra words you sometimes pick from those 1E8 rarely used English expressions (*). So at the end of the day, you confused me perhaps more with additional 5 new words; than Jez did with that single word... OK, I looked them up in the dictionary of course :-)

Jan Waclawek

(*)My favourite is "ullage". We found it with my roommates accidentally when at college playing with a dictionary; and I like its sound, meaning, and the fact that it takes at least 10 words in Slovak to translate it :-)

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