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Richard Erlacher
03/09/06 22:29
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Denver, Co

#111828 - Mayabe ... maybe not ...
Responding to: Jez Smith's previous message
I remember reading that you had to have something in excess of 28 volts to present a serious cardiovascular system risk, thanks to body impedance, and other effects. I guess it depends on your salt content as well. I don't see how both poles on the tongue could present a serious risk.

Anyway, I installed a powerline LAN for a disabled friend a few weeks back, and it (a) works very well, and (b) didn't involve any risky wiring. I used the Netgear powerline ethernet modems that they've discontinued, hence, I was able to buy two new ones on eBay for <$40US each. I found that quite reasonable. It was easier than continuing to struggle with low-cost wireless hardware, which now sits here, unused.

I personally would like to find a really low-cost way to attach to the power line and transmit/receive data, even at a lower rate than the 14 Mbits/sec that the powerline ethernet modem I used provides.

If anybody figures this one out, please call it to my attention.


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