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Terry Lingle
03/10/06 06:59
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#111889 - it surely does Joeseph
Responding to: Joseph Hebert's previous message
but I want the problem dealt with as soon as possible so I push as well. After all it is only sleep. Also since the conversation will be conducted in English the gentleman on the other end of the phone needs his translator available.

Actually I find the off shore suppliers easier to deal with than the local ones. It is the intermediaries and shipping companies that can cause ulcers. The supplier knows that we will be back as long as our business transaction is properly completed but the intermediaries and shipping companies know we need them as long as we continue to do business and are often quite cavalier with delivery schedules. I have learned to build in a time cushion because of the attitude problem.
"Engineering" is so easy because the problem at hand normally has a root cause. Once you learn how to deal with it it will not be a problem again.
People on the other hand present the same problem repeatedly with each problem event requiring a different solution. Little of the engineer mind set works once you need to deal with non engineering related management issues. It opens up a whole new world of learning though which makes it worth the effort.

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