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Ralph Sac
03/12/06 15:20
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#112029 - MC68hc705c8s or 8051
Hi to all members

About 10 years ago had to work with a Mc68c705c8s with airospace
engineer. He made logic analyzer with a with above chip. The logic analyzer had liquid crystal display 40x2 and small TI keyboard and one serial port. Any way I all ways wanted to make it with a 8051 core part. He said good idea but he could only write source code for Mc68ch series. I was shocked that the airospace engineer could not write source code for 8051 after all he was airospace engineer. I said how come you can't write the code for 8051? Why should I learn new code when I don't use it all a time. This is why engineers stay with Mc68hc over the 8051. After all their is a learning curve for both microcontroller units. Any members have comments on these different chips or worked on both? On Mc68ch series and 8051 series.

Best reguards,

Ralph Sack

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MC68hc705c8s or 8051      Ralph Sack      03/12/06 15:20      
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      people dont change      Jez Smith      03/12/06 18:38      
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      It's just another component      Richard Erlacher      03/13/06 10:20      
      what do you mean about "learning"      Erik Malund      03/13/06 10:32      
      Normal?!      Andy Neil      03/13/06 14:09      

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