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Erik Malund
03/13/06 06:51
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Mt Airy, Nc

#112057 - more on the above, the beauty of the hoo
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
So far I never managed to get more than about 10% of what is really needed before I presented version 0.1 to the client/boss/whoever. I guess if I'd be able to write down a specification and strictly obey it, anybody else could do my job as well.

no such intent.

more on the above, the beauty of the hook:

When working on the initial spec, I always "fantasize" what else the user may want. I do not code it, of course, but code the software to accomodate such, should it come up. Thease features I have named "hooks".

As an example of a succesful "prediction" I coded a piece of industrial equipment to accomodate Multiple languages (an extra hour to use a pointer table, instead of direct pointers) although it only was supposed to "speak" English. When the customer "realized" he wanted Spanish as well, it was a nominal effort to include it. Had I coded with e.g. printf("string") the accomodation of the change would have been a nightmare.


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