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Ian Bell
03/14/06 05:26
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United Kingdom

#112115 - Client Variety
Responding to: Jan Waclawek's previous message
Jan Waclawek said:
Well, most probably you never had a client who had problems to finish basic education, or who never did finish it at all.The clients we have don't care about the details until they hit them; even then they generally don't understand what's the problem even if we feed them by spoon; they just faintly understand there is a problem and they want to have it solved, immediately........

In 20 years of consulting I have come across just about every type of client imaginable, including ones just as you describe. I've had clients shout at me, threaten legal action, refuse to pay invoices, lie to me, cheat me and so on, and of course I have had many clients who were perfect gentlemen to deal with.

The only way to deal with them all is to treat them all professionally and expect them to treat you professionally in return. Of course some of them don't but you never accept work from them again and that is their loss not yours. I was always lucky enough to be part of a group of consultants and I appreciate that if you work alone you may feel you have less choice when it comes to clients.


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