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Suresh R
03/14/06 10:29
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#112138 - reply
Responding to: Kai Klaas's previous message

Suresh said:
i dont want to get into arguments

i said this since some may not like being argued.

kai said:
Then, why have you come here?? Here, we do "get into arguments"!

i can also prove my stands.

i said:
iam new to this inrush current phenomena in my work and my purpose of this thread is to know about it by discussing with you people.

Kai said:
No, your purpose was never the inrush current phenomen of lamp, but only the switching current testing of reed relay, if you really are the manufacturer of reed relay, right?
You don't need to understand why there's an increased inrush current, but only, can the reed relay withstand it and how to test it.

You are mistaking me.
working in a company as a newbie with out any assistance,
one could only learn from the work he or she is given with.
In that case at this instant,
I was given a reed switch to test for its ability to withstand the inrush current for a lamp load of 3.5W.
Having not quite familiar with the test that consists of a current inrush due to lamp load, i bought it here to know about it.
I also learnd about the inrush current phenomenan, and its percentage from your graph.
i also posted a method (resistor parallel to switch) which i came accross to control the inrush current for which you have given your comments and some valuble suggestions, like using MOSFET for slow start and using a current source(which i thought to discuss with you).

The manufacturers intention could be to know whether the switch sustains... (or) will be more particular in (as you said i was..) using their reed switch by any means (no alternatives..)

But as a unexperienced person in the field, i could only learn as much as i could with the work i was given with.
Having this in mind;
at present,
i focussed only on this inrush current test and what are all things related or concerned to that.

Unexpectedly that proved a great misunderstanding when others read it!

Erik said:

When you, being the "relay manufacturer", do not disclose as a reply to statemets from me like Does 'the management' really believe that a relay manufacturer when it is known to you that 'the management' is the 'relay manufacturer'.

Thats what i have done. I have disclosed succeding to your post.

After all your feedback is really hurting me when you could use
such harsh words

Kai Klass said:

But you made a fool of us and led us astray.

Erik said:

I can see no other reason for hiding this fact than trying to make Kai and I, who only want to help, look like fools. It is very rewarding to be made look like a fool for trying to help someone

since i have learned from you.

I apologise for what had happened without my conciousness.

I assure i will take at most care in my future posts.

Thanking you,

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