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Andy Neil
03/17/06 06:48
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#112381 - I2C-Connected UART?
Yes, this has been discussed before:

But I specifically want I2C - not SPI.

I've seen the Philips "bridge" parts:
(filed under "UARTs", but not under "I2C"!!)

Maxim only seem to do SPI-to-UART?

Can anyone suggest any others?

Yes, a micro with both I2C and UART is an option.

I've tried Googling, but anything useful just gets swamped in the millions of hits for things that just happen to mention both "I2C" and "UART" :-(

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I2C-Connected UART?      Andy Neil      03/17/06 06:48      
   AFAIK, not      Jan Waclawek      03/17/06 07:03      
      Philips      Andy Neil      03/17/06 07:11      
   why not a sub $1 LPC with HW IIC and UAR      Erik Malund      03/17/06 07:06      
      Why not indeed!      Andy Neil      03/17/06 07:14      
         and not only for UARTS      Erik Malund      03/17/06 07:54      
            Multiprocessing is a wonderful thing!      Andy Neil      03/17/06 08:27      
               multiprocessing: master/slave      Jan Waclawek      03/17/06 13:41      
      there are niche applications...      Jan Waclawek      03/17/06 07:19      
         Sub $1      Andy Neil      03/17/06 07:50      
            The only thing I see you missing (and I      Erik Malund      03/17/06 08:09      
               Multi-UART      Andy Neil      03/17/06 08:24      
               functionality      Jan Waclawek      03/17/06 13:46      
   roll your own      Jez Smith      03/17/06 07:09      

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