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Ralph Sac
03/18/06 20:05
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#112482 - Digital Hearing Aids
Hi to all members

First did search on for Digital Hearing Aids no posts.

I found out 10 years ago I had loss of hearing.
But as most people react to that. They tell the person they are talking to talk louder or why are you whispering to me.
If you tryed to talk to me phone I would drive you nuts.
Each time you would talk to me I would say please repeat that.
After you talked me for a while you think you were in an endless loop.
In 2003 I findly took care of hearing problem.
So I purchased 2 digital hearing aids. I had some shock when the hearing specialist gave me the price. That be $3000 for the set. I looked at specialist and said are you out of your mind!
My car that picked up cost $2800 and ran for 14 years. My wife always gets the new cars.
I ask specialist have you got broken one around I like to see the inside. By the way they are great, but to expensive for average man or woman. Their is one thing I should mention. Hearing loss is very slow process and most people never know how bad it really is. Plus I never knew how many sounds in world I had missed around me. It's big deal tell someone you know to go hearing specialist if they have this problem.
Now the reason for this post. I always wondered what was in hearing aid that cost $1500 and ran on 1.4v battery.
My hearing aids are Starkey BTE (Behind the ear). About 5 years ago I did try analog aid, but hurt my ear.
I called up Engineer at Starkey and the most information he would give me, was its a dsp (digital signal processor) with an eeprom in it to save your hearing setting for loss or gain.
So I google and found this
You find very nice article on digital hearing aids.
It uses two ultra low power, mixed signal ASIC (Application specific Integrated Circuits) and one DSP (Digital Signal Processor) the one ASIC is a CODEC (Coder/Decoder). I you read the above link it gives good deal information on design of hearing aid. If any member has information or pictures of inside any hearing please post it. Analog or Digital but would prefer digital type if possbile.

Thanks in advance for any member reading this long post.

Best reguards,


P.S. Could not take my hearing aid apart, I was afraid it might not work correctly. My aid 1/2 inch wide and 1 1/2 long.

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