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Erik Malund
03/24/06 07:48
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Mt Airy, Nc

#112979 - Everybody want "example code" WHY? is th
Responding to: Smitha Shankar's previous message
the easiest way to make asm routines that are calleable from C is to write a skeleton routine in C and use the generated asm as a template.

please give me some example code

Everybody want "example code" WHY? is this just a means of getting actual code without getting a gimme code ranking?

I have yet to meet anybody that has learned anything from "example code" but "a means" of doing something which may be optimal or not. I have, however met many that had bad habits inherited from "example code" they had looked at long ago. It seems that looking at "example code" from 4 sources will give ypo 4 bad habits, writing code on your own will give you less.


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