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Kai Klaas
03/27/06 09:20
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#113196 - Posts are becoming more and more pedanti
Hy members,

I have noticed, that there's a tendency of posts more and more becoming pedantic and off the point. Mostly these posts are endless listings of issues of personal tastes, or what someone has done over decades and must be true therefore. Or, why someone believes that a poster has no right to get help only because he uses a 8255, or else.

Please, these post are annoying! Pleae be more specific. Try to help the original poster, but please do not insist on your very certain point-of-view over and over again in dozens of posts.

I'm not free of this behaviour either. But at least I try to avoid it. Lately I have agreed with Richard, just because he had the better arguments, allthough I still believe that wire wrapping is a mess...

Please be more specific. It's no fun to read all these highly "personal" posts.

Is it so hard to admit, that another member might have the better arguments?


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