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Prahlad J. Purohit
03/27/06 21:15
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#113279 - Location of Supply section.
Dear Friends,

Untill now all my mixed sigal designs were mains powered in these products I used a suppy transformer with primary connected to mains and used two separate secondaries 9V each for generating separate 5V Vcc for supplying analog and digital sections as shown below.

Now I am desisigning a small handheld device which is going to use a 7.2V Ni-Cd rechargeable battery. In this case in order to keep things simple and smaller I am planning to use common supply regulator / section for both analog and digital sections. But still want to use separate ground planes since I target 12 bit resolution from ADC [ in dsPIC ].

I am not able to decide what would be the best location to place the supply section i.e. linear LDO regulator so that it will give best results. I have marked three location where I think I can place it?

Is it going to help if I use to separate regulator / supply sections for analog and digital [ battery is common ]?

Thanks & Regards,
Prahlad Purohit

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