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Erik Malund
03/28/06 07:56
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Mt Airy, Nc

#113302 - e-mail, is this just me
I have received a furious e-mail from someone "why did you not answer my e-mail" and answered "because the subject was "ENQUIRY", nothing else".

I routinely delete e-mails without opening them unless one of two is there:
a) the subject indicates CLEARLY that the e-mail is relevant.
b) I know the sender and expect an e-mail from him/her.

"b)" used to be just "I know the sender" but that one is slowly being dropped because I have received vira in e-mails masked as being from someone I know.

Am I (getting) paranoid or does this reflect the sad state of e-mails resulting from a few idiots that think it is fun to make life miserable for people they do not even know.


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