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Jon Ledbetter
03/28/06 15:40
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#113338 - Just Looking at some of the first posts.
The earliest thread I could pull up is this: Dated 10/16/98. It's interesting to see the following responses were 2 and 4 years apart, but the message ID's show numbers 7559, 30265, and 34159. The thread lock feature must not have been implemented yet.

Then what appears to be the first real post:

Maybe this sound very rookie for you all dudes... but I got a problem to solve, here it is:

How's that for "professional" and to end it...

Thanx in advance

The start of SMS?

This looks like Steve Taylor's first post:

Craig gets married:

Looks like the average thread length for the first year or so was only a few replies, and it was alot of the same questions still coming up 7 1/2 years later. Imagine that!

Well things have definitely come a long way in some ways, in others not so much.


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