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Jan Waclawek
03/29/06 05:57
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#113353 - text to speech in various languages
Moved here for the non-technical aspects.


the omision of "two dots" (I just learned it is called "diaeresis" but it sounds to me as a name for a disease rather than two dots :-) ) in "yo" might have some "computer" related issues; however, I was told it is not used in print when I learned Russian in school, and we were encouraged not to write it. I also noticed it is not written in in the books and magazines I read then (I won't say all of them but certainly a couple of them). Now this was some 15-20 years ago and I am not in touch with the living language so that might have changed since then.
I also read the following (of course, it's wikipeda so no guarantee it is correct): said:
Russian has the letter ё, usually replaced in print by е, although it has a different pronunciation. Ё is still used in children's books and in handwriting. A minimal pair is все (vse, "all" pl.) and всё (vsio, "everything" n. sg.).

I have no problem reading a text without marked "yo" (as far as I can read Russian at all); my comment was meant for the machine interpretation of written text in a text-to-speech application.

Jan Waclawek

PS. Thanks, St.Petersburg (and Russia generally) is one of the places I and my wife want to visit as soon as our kids grow up so that we can leave them at their grandparents for the holidays... (assuming we will have the money and time to travel then, of course...)

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