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Jan Waclawek
03/29/06 12:13
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#113375 - selenium
Anybody can point me to a source where the working of selenium rectifier is explained, please?

I don't need the "construction" but the principle. I find it confusing, that Se, being group 6 element, is considered to be a non-metal and not a semiconductor. Is there a description of the Se bandgap diagram anywhere?

Pure curiosity.


Jan Waclawek

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selenium      Jan Waclawek      03/29/06 12:13      
   Might be something      Jon Ledbetter      03/29/06 13:03      
      More info      Oliver Sedlacek      03/30/06 00:58      
         Thanks all for info      Jan Waclawek      03/30/06 05:16      
   Found this thread in google groups.      Ashish Pradhan      03/30/06 11:23      

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