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Richard Erlacher
03/31/06 00:44
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Denver, Co

#113457 - Mouser's good, but their website ... ugh
Responding to: Erik Malund's previous message
Everything is hidden on their website, but Mouser's OK if you now what you want.

I always check (Marlin P. Jones and Associates) particularly if I'm after LCD displays.

I also use eBay quite a bit, where I often get things like that header ( I bought a bag of 'em for about $4, 2x76 pins, and they snap apart, 500 each, plus about $4 USPS freight. ) I just bought a reel of 2300 0805 bypass cap's for about $7 including freight. These can be soldered between pins on an IC if needed, which is handy, and they'll solder just fine to pads otherwise used with through-hole cap's on 100-mil centers. I like to solder them to power or ground pins on wire-wrap socket pins that attach PLCC sockets to my solid-plane Wire-Wrap boards, too, that works really well. (I solder the cap directly to the pin, with solder mask between the cap and the solid plane. The distal end of the cap gets soldered to the solid plane after I chip off a bit of the hard, dry-film solder mask.) That makes for short leads.

Here in the Denver Area, there's no more Gateway Electronics, which is where I bought parts for 30+ years until they closed a year or more ago.

There is, of course, J.B. Saunders & Co. at about 47th and Valmont in Boulder if you happen to be there. I have a friend or two in Boulder, having lived there for a while, and I phone my friend up and get him to fetch and mail things for me, but not too often.

I've had the best prices and luck on eBay. I've bought IC's that would have cost $20 or so each, for $15 a rail including freight, and I've bought tools, wire, etc. without a hitch. Of course, you have to separate the wheat from the chaff before you order.


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