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Vignesh Prasad
04/01/06 01:34
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#113502 - Labelling and Indexing
Can we have the posts to be labelled for easy search? Just like what we have for voting system, we can have either the Moderator or some active members classifying a post as related to:
  • LCD
  • External Mem. access
  • Crystal related
  • Port-pin interface
  • Interfacing newer peripherals (SD card, Bluetooth, USB, ADCs..)
  • ISP-Flash programming
  • Keil et al
  • Signal Integrity (Kai's special)
    (the above are more common topics to be discussed here)
    This will narrow the search, and we could have more results pertaining to what we are looking for.

    Alternatively, we can ask(if not, force) the poster to specify the 'catagory' of the post while starting a new thread.

    Just a thought.


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