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Vignesh Prasad
04/01/06 11:12
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Responding to: Kai Klaas's previous message
Dear Kai, I totally agree with you. But only longer and active members know that Mike used lots of jpgs, you are a signal integrity expert, and so on!

If a newbie comes, and flashes a question: "Serial port not working", then we could ask him/her to search for posts with "Serial Interfacing" label.

Many of us quote our own previous replies for redundant questions, if we label our own replies, then its also easy for us (and others) to search.

Just for instance, a search for 'Kai' + 'Signal Integrity', or 'Mehdi'+'Code examples' will make more sense. Or atleast for a new user, the labels are obvious topics which will answer him/her, and save our time also!!


PS: I am completely 'persuaded' by you for using solid ground plane, thru the ADC thread of Mahmood in the main forum. I am trying out homebrewing double sided boards!

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