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Richard Erlacher
04/01/06 18:52
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Denver, Co

#113522 - one other thing ...
Responding to: Craig Steiner's previous message
In case you didn't know about it, Craig, DigiKey will send your parts via USPS standard, which costs only a buck or so if you are buying a handful of something that doesn't require some form of bulky protective packaging. The last time I bought some of those "fast" Z80's, 20 MHz, I think they were, I had 'em shipped USPS and all they did was put them in cut rail segments and stick those in a "jiffy envelope" which cost, altogether $1.56 to ship. I found that less painful than the usual $6 or so for UPS ground.

It makes my skin crawl to pay $18 for shipping a $4 order, but it has happened more than once. I never buy from Newark any longer, as the last time I bought from them, my order was supposed to cost $68.05, but being absent at the delivery time, I learned when I returned, that the cost for the package, which arrived a day latewith Saturday a.m. delivery, having been shipped on Friday when I'd ordered it a week and a half before, and needed it in prep for a meeting on Friday, was $274 and some change. I left my son with a blank check because I was waiting for another item, which also arrived late from a different distributor but, since I didn't leave a check for that package as well, couldn't be delivered at all.

It never hurts to ask about USPS, since they're generally both quicker and cheaper than UPS or FedEx inside the U.S.


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