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Richard Erlacher
04/01/06 19:01
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Denver, Co

#113523 - This is true ...
Responding to: Farshid Jafari Harandi's previous message
It's common that searches fail because one doesn't know what the "golden" search term is. It's the same way with some CAE packages, when you're trying to place a component, the name of which you understand one way, but which is referred to in a wholly different way in the component library.

If you search for 40106 or CD40106 and the library has the item entered as 74C14, you'll never find it.

Likewise, if you don't call 'em "burden cap's," or if you don't know who Kai is, you'll never find those items.

It's not as simple a problem to solve as one would wish, else someone would have solved it by now. Finding things is a major problem, and Microsoft has had their "Longhorn" project going for some time with that as its main thrust. That is, I believe an in-house nickname for the project that developed into Windows Vista. I remember Bill Gates' interview on Charlie Rose's talk show about three-four years ago when they talked about how difficult is is finding what you just saved. It's the same problem.


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