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Vignesh Prasad
04/01/06 22:39
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#113526 - Win Vista
Responding to: Richard Erlacher's previous message
Hello Richard,

You are right, newer versions of Windows solve the same by indexing the files. I reckon from Win2000, the indexing service is a part of the OS, and Google desktop search has similar module.

Back to our issue, do you think that Labelling of posts would be useful? Just for an example, every time when I log in to the Main forum, the 20 current threads can be catagorised in the above said titles. I thought that labelling may help.

Also, there is a wealth of informating hiding in many posts here. Just for an example, my Logic Analyser thread has so much info(for me and newbies), and it drove me in rolling off a LA by myself. If someone comes and ask "Suggest me a good project in 8051", then we could point our fingers to that thread (or similar). Labelling and Indexing comes handy!


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