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Thread Closed: Student Homework Assignment

Piotr Kowalczyk
04/02/06 09:45
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#113532 - stopwatch & 7seg
Hi guys i'm 18 years old and i have problem with passing my school... assembler is not my passion and my teacher think that every one must to know how to create a code and every pepole on the planet have to think in HEX but now i have a big problem with the teacher... He gave me a task i need to give him a completly source code (assembler) to stopwatch using 4 7seg displays 2 for seconds and 2 for ssec... and the project must have three buttons start/stop/reset(for 0 on displays) i'm asking you because i must pass the school please HELP me i konw that my english should be better but i hope that ypu understand me and you will help me. So please send the code to my e-mail (with comments if it s possible) that is my e-mail. and thank you

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stopwatch & 7seg      Piotr Kowalczyk      04/02/06 09:45      
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      I am sure many have      Erik Malund      04/03/06 12:41      
      Disgusting!      Kai Klaas      04/03/06 20:36      
         Unhelpful ?      Steve M. Taylor      04/04/06 04:27      
            Time to close this thread?      Andy Neil      04/04/06 04:39      
   for my teacher...      Piotr Kowalczyk      04/03/06 12:08      
      Worthwhile      Andy Neil      04/03/06 14:01      
   I don't see the problem      Jez Smith      04/03/06 14:55      
   Don't insult us!        Kai Klaas      04/03/06 19:59      

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