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Thread Closed: Student Homework Assignment

Andy Neil
04/03/06 01:12
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#113542 - What course?
Responding to: Piotr Kowalczyk's previous message
Piotr Kowalczyk said:
Hi guys i'm 18 years old and i have problem with passing my school... assembler is not my passion and my teacher think that every one must to know how to create a code and every pepole on the planet have to think in HEX

What course are you studying?

This things are absolutely fundamental & essential to anyone wanting to do anything with digital electronics, microcontrollers, computers, etc.

but now i have a big problem with the teacher... He gave me a task...

If you have a problem with the teacher, you must take it up with the teacher, and/or the relevant school authorities, student counsellors, or whatever.

If you truly believe that this assignment is beyond the scope and level of the course so far, you need to follow the school's complaints/appeals procedure.

i need to give him...

Just you? Has nobody else in the class also beeen set this homework?

i'm asking you because i must pass the school

Passing school is supposed to indicate that you have gained the necessary skill and knowledge to do it.

Beware! Teachers can read this forum, too:

Or maybe try

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