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Jez Smith
04/03/06 10:12
  04/03/06 10:30

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#113569 - Security clearance
Hiya peeps,

I was just talking to one of the people I have been doing some design work with and he has requested that I submit to a security clearance before I can begin work on one of his projects,he wants a SC1 clearance which is apparently quite high level,I was wondering if anyone knows what is involved in this and should i mention my IRA connections?
Its for some aerospace project,all very hush hush eeek !!!
Apparently if you want to dish the dirt on me all you need to do is leave a note on the windscreen of the sinister white van outside your house and they will be in touch ;-)

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Security clearance      Jez Smith      04/03/06 10:12      
   That's blown it!      Andy Neil      04/03/06 10:39      
      yeah probably      Jez Smith      04/03/06 10:41      
   Better be careful      Bert Van Den Berg      04/03/06 11:12      
      Soome excuse...      David Smith      04/03/06 11:18      
   excellent      Jez Smith      04/03/06 11:25      
   in my first stint in the US      Erik Malund      04/03/06 11:41      
      well      Jez Smith      04/03/06 14:58      
         Forum member      Kalpak Dabir      04/03/06 22:37      
   Hhm..      Kai Klaas      04/03/06 20:08      
      Dont mention the hamsters      Jez Smith      04/04/06 00:00      
   Hurdles      Ian Bell      04/04/06 13:58      
      thanks for that Ian      Jez Smith      04/04/06 14:18      
      Process      Steve M. Taylor      04/04/06 17:55      
         They ask questions, but don't care      Richard Erlacher      04/04/06 22:57      

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