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Thread Closed: Student Homework Assignment

Piotr Kowalczyk
04/03/06 12:05
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#113581 - Thank you... and...
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Thank you all for the answers, my school should be about networks and network infrastrctures, i know that teacher can read this but i was really afraid about my skills, today i find a peaces of code so i can change it where that is nesesery and i hope that will work... im not looking for a job connected with programming hardware... i will ask if i have a problem with this... asking you to send whole project was not a good idea but if think that it is better way to ask when someone can...
today i know that i have to use 8052 @ 12MHz and 4x7seg to P0 (multiplexed) im not sure about buttons but probably somewhere to P1... i don't have to make stopwatch from hardware site... (or just on paper) task is only about code. so thank you. i was asking because many pepoles say that is simply project but no one want to help... and maybe some one of you make the code for himself becasue he want to has he's own stopwatch...

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