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Thread Closed: Student Homework Assignment

Kai Klaas
04/03/06 19:59
  04/03/06 20:38

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#113589 - Don't insult us!
Responding to: Piotr Kowalczyk's previous message
Piotr said:
Hi guys i'm 18 years old and i have problem with passing my school ... assembler is not my passion and my teacher think that every one must to know how to create a code and every pepole on the planet have to think in HEX but now i have a big problem with the teacher ... He gave me a task i need to give him a completly source code (assembler) to stopwatch ... i'm asking you because i must pass the school ... So please send the code to my e-mail (with comments if it s possible)

Yes, the whole world is against you and the teacher is humiliating you all day long by wanting you to do things which are stupid and completely useless...

Well, dear Piotr, you don't have a problem with your teacher, but with your attitude! Your complaint about the teacher and this assembler programming is stupid and childish, and demonstrates, that you actually don't know why you are at the school and what you are doing there. Your post is an insult to everyone who works hard in his job every day and to everyone who will never have the chance to go on such a school like you. You should really be ashamed of this dishonourable begging for code!

The main issue of your little exercise is not to learn assembler, but to demonstrate, that you are able to think logically, that you are able to manage a very little and very limited problem by yourself. But instead of sitting on your bottom and investing some minutes of intensive thinking, you start to cry like a little girl and moan about this cruel teacher.

Believe me, this very little and very limited problem will not be the last one in your career, and will even not be the hardest one! But if you now cry and moan, how will you manage the real big problems, which will come later, in some months or years? Are you then prepared to sit down and switch-on your brain??

Maybe you should stop this school and do some other things. Yes, a quiet life without the least challenges, without cruel teachers, that would be nice. But at the same time without the least chance to change things, to become a part of something great. Hey, just stop moaning, start to become a man! If you are a smart guy, then you will solve this ridiculous exercise with your left hand and in less than one hour.

I never have done this stop-watch exercise so far. Nevertheless, I needed to spend less than about a quarter of an hour to find a suited way to solve the problem. And I can tell you, that assembler programming isn't the main issue here. It's more to find out, how and when the start, stop and reset buttons have to be checked and to be linked logically. Also, how to provide the time base? Is polling the timer precisely enough, or must an interrupt controlled timing be used?

If once the flow chart has been drawn, the assembler coding is a task for a child. So, again, this exercise has to do with thinking logically and making intelligent estimations. And this will have to do with any technical job you might choose in the future...


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