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Ian Bell
04/04/06 13:58
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United Kingdom

#113625 - Hurdles
Responding to: Jez Smith's previous message
Jez Smith said:
I was wondering if anyone knows what is involved in this and should i mention my IRA connections?

First thing to remember is these folks have zero sense of humour - a quip about the IRA is likely to disqualify you - crazy but true.

Its for some aerospace project,all very hush hush eeek !!!

My first job was in this industry. We had a weeks 'Induction' a lot of which was security related. There were definitely certain places they would not want you to go on holiday and there were warnings about good looking ladies with fascinating accents who took an unexpected liking to you. (mind you this was 1969)

There were two levels of clearance. The simpler one just involved some background checks - parents, schools and clubs/societes you belonged to. The higher one involved active questioning of colleages, friends, old school friends and was surprisingly thorough.

The spooks have a surprising amount of power. At one company we developed some clever encrytion. We were visited by the spooks who let it be known that we would take it no further else we would be shut down. They could be quite handy for sorting out certain folk in Cambridge ;-)


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