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Richard Erlacher
04/04/06 22:49
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Denver, Co

#113632 - "Real" keypad?
I'm still looking for a genuine HEX keypad, albeit not one of those "grayhill" or similar toys. I want a 19 or 20-key keyboard, with switches about 0.6: tall, removable, replaceable keytops, that I can still buy, and about 0.2" travel on each key, with the keys angled at the usual 15 degrees, not some $0.10US cellphone keypad. I want one that's UNENCODED! It doesn't really have to have a circuit board, but it does need to have a reasonable means for attaching wiring if none is provided.

I've had one of these around for about 30 years, and, while it was used to the tune of about 1000 strokes per day for about 15 years, it's not been used for the last 10, except to demonstrate that it still works just as reliably as ever. Those flat, capacitive, or bubble keypads seem to last about 9 months, and then they go unreliable.

Do any of you guys know where one can get such a thing, arranged as a matrix of 4x5 keys? ISTR that I asked about this sort of thing before, but got back lots of "Why would you want such a thing?" and went soft on the subject.


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"Real" keypad?      Richard Erlacher      04/04/06 22:49      
   Ive got one somewhere      Jez Smith      04/04/06 23:46      
      Cherry?      Andy Neil      04/04/06 23:58      
         DIY      Steve M. Taylor      04/05/06 03:27      
            Cherry ML1A-11JW      Kai Klaas      04/05/06 07:03      
               Sadly, none of these fill the bill      Richard Erlacher      04/05/06 11:11      
               Kai, I'm not yet ready to build a PCB      Richard Erlacher      04/05/06 17:29      
                  Wire wrap      Kai Klaas      04/05/06 20:46      
                     it's more common than you think      Richard Erlacher      04/05/06 21:39      
   ebay?      Andy Neil      04/05/06 00:05      
      I tried that ...      Richard Erlacher      04/05/06 11:17      
         Thats exactly what I was offering      Jez Smith      04/05/06 14:00      
   Send me a photo      Kalpak Dabir      04/05/06 04:26      
      I'd be glad to do that, but ...      Richard Erlacher      04/05/06 11:35      
         Posting Pictures      Jon Ledbetter      04/05/06 11:46      
            Well, OK      Richard Erlacher      04/05/06 17:10      
               what's wrong here?      Richard Erlacher      04/05/06 22:34      
            Since you know about these things, Jon      Richard Erlacher      04/05/06 17:42      
               Index ?      Steve M. Taylor      04/05/06 17:50      
                  EEEEK!      Richard Erlacher      04/05/06 18:09      
                  It wasn't supposed to be .htm      Richard Erlacher      04/05/06 18:16      
                     user pages      Jan Waclawek      04/06/06 01:48      
                        doesn't seem to help      Richard Erlacher      04/06/06 07:24      
                           Did you...      Jon Ledbetter      04/06/06 07:29      
                           You got it.      Jon Ledbetter      04/06/06 07:59      
                           Also remember      Jon Ledbetter      04/06/06 08:28      
                              That did it!      Richard Erlacher      04/06/06 10:58      
                           the protoboard      Jan Waclawek      04/06/06 08:41      
                              Protoboard      Richard Erlacher      04/06/06 10:47      
                           How many do you want?      Grant Beattie      04/06/06 09:23      
                              Not many      Richard Erlacher      04/06/06 10:53      
                              Possible Vendor on CCInk      Grant Beattie      04/06/06 11:24      
                                 Your email hasn't arrived ... yet      Richard Erlacher      04/06/06 14:54      
                                    AWOL email      Grant Beattie      04/07/06 10:00      
                                       See also this      Grant Beattie      04/07/06 10:11      
                        Web ? Me ?      Steve M. Taylor      04/06/06 08:10      
                           but...      Jan Waclawek      04/06/06 08:29      

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