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Richard Erlacher
04/04/06 22:57
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Denver, Co

#113633 - They ask questions, but don't care
Responding to: Steve M. Taylor's previous message
about the answers.

Mainly they're interested in verifying that your statements on your formal application are true and complete. They like reliable paperwork.

They verify that you worked where you said, and that you attended the schools you assert you attended. They don't care about your grades, but they do care about clubs, groups, associations, etc.

They can't find out you attended a college you didn't mention, nor can they determine anything that's not otherwise part of public record, unless you've told someone on their "list."

If you've not told your employer that you attended CalTech and subsequently mention it on your security application, you're in trouble, but if you don't tell them or your employer, you're probably in the clear. Now if you give one employer one story, and give the next another, well, that may come to light.


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