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Suresh R
04/05/06 07:00
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#113653 - Measuring Bounce of a Reed Switch
Dear all,
I am having an EISA card that is designed to measure various factors like pullin(PI) dropout(DO),VPI, VDO, CR, VCR, Bounce time, Rise time, fall time of a Reed Switch under test. Presently the driver software is programmed to measure only few of the above.
So, now i need to include the Bounce time measurement in the software but, couldnt get a way to do that.

So,i would like to get some assistance with this issue.

Coming to the Hardware part that facilitates the bounce measurement is.,

the card has a programmable gain amplifier(PGA202) and a Programmable 8254 to measure the bounce time.

The link below shows the detailed circuit.

Kindly let me know for a suitable method to measure bounce time using this circuit (or) about a procedure, in general, used to measure the bounce time of the reed switch. So that i could relate it with mine to find some solution.

Thanking you,

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Measuring Bounce of a Reed Switch      Suresh R      04/05/06 07:00      
   Current progress.      Steve M. Taylor      04/05/06 07:04      
      reply      Suresh R      04/05/06 11:43      
         DSO      Steve M. Taylor      04/05/06 17:48      
            Of course its a good idea ;-)      Jez Smith      04/05/06 23:34      
               also..      Jez Smith      04/06/06 00:11      
                  Rather redrawing, i prefer ...      Suresh R      04/06/06 02:34      
   Schematic is incomplete      Kai Klaas      04/05/06 07:18      
      Simple way      Jez Smith      04/05/06 15:15      
   I would do it like that      Kai Klaas      04/06/06 07:28      
      detecting end of bounce?      Suresh R      04/06/06 10:06      
         Much simpler      Kai Klaas      04/06/06 11:52      
            this is all getting complicated      Jez Smith      04/06/06 12:23      
               there may be definition problem here      Richard Erlacher      04/18/06 10:01      
                  Thanks Richard      Suresh R      04/19/06 08:59      
                  Question and answer      Kai Klaas      04/19/06 09:32      
                     You're right, of course      Richard Erlacher      04/19/06 10:55      
                        They tell it here      Kai Klaas      04/19/06 16:09      
                           Yes, it's pretty complete.      Richard Erlacher      04/19/06 17:44      
                              Form A      Suresh R      04/19/06 19:28      
                     More sophisticated? Maybe not.      Richard Erlacher      04/19/06 23:20      
                        OK brass tacks      Erik Malund      04/20/06 06:58      
                           that's the basic idea      Richard Erlacher      04/20/06 09:05      
                              60386 processor      Suresh R      04/20/06 09:23      
                                 that wasn't the point, Suresh      Richard Erlacher      04/20/06 09:33      
                                    resolution/max error using ralph      Erik Malund      04/20/06 09:40      
                                       not so fast ...      Richard Erlacher      04/20/06 09:55      
                                    reply      Suresh R      04/20/06 10:00      
                                       Really?      Richard Erlacher      04/20/06 10:06      
                                          I doubted when i typed      Suresh R      04/20/06 10:46      
                                             and the manual is right! sorry.      Suresh R      04/20/06 23:47      
                                                Really?      Richard Erlacher      04/21/06 08:45      
                                                   correction      Richard Erlacher      04/21/06 08:56      
                                                      There could be. But I made the mistake      Suresh R      04/21/06 10:13      
            Quantum flux compensator?      Suresh R      04/07/06 10:42      
               is it still April 1      Erik Malund      04/07/06 11:35      
                  You are right but,      Suresh R      04/08/06 06:06      
               he means a flux capacitor ...      Richard Erlacher      04/07/06 13:11      
                  And I thought...      Jon Ledbetter      04/07/06 13:43      
                  Compensator      Kai Klaas      04/09/06 06:18      
                     Translation      Rob Klein      04/09/06 14:20      
            quantum flux capacitor?      Suresh R      04/17/06 10:53      
               language, culture      Erik Malund      04/17/06 10:58      
                  reply : april 1!      Suresh R      04/17/06 11:25      
                     no, it was a natural response      Erik Malund      04/17/06 11:30      
                        Ok Erik.      Suresh R      04/17/06 11:55      
                           The "Flux Capacitor" is from a movie      Neil Kurzman      04/17/06 13:18      
                              Yes. to some extent!      Suresh R      04/18/06 08:27      
                     Never wanted to fool you!      Kai Klaas      04/18/06 10:09      
                        Obviously      Suresh R      04/19/06 08:47      
                           A joke and fooling someone is NOT the sa      Erik Malund      04/19/06 09:01      
                              This made me think like that      Suresh R      04/19/06 09:21      

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