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Oliver Sedlacek
04/06/06 02:05
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#113704 - Compensating buck switcher
The response to the LDO thread has prompted me to post a query about buck switchers. I've built a 6V in to 2V out switcher using a TPS62102 1MHz buck switcher with synchronous rectification. I pretty much have to use a 4.7uF ceramic cap as the output reservoir cap, and this has a very low ESR (not quoted on datasheet). I've tried a number of different compensation schemes, as suggest on the TI datasheet, and I can get it to oscillate at 100kHz, 200kHz, 34 kHz, 4kHz and randomly!

Some time ago I came across an app note which suggested an unconventional arrangement for the feedback on a buck switcher which works with cap ESR down to zero, but I can't find it now! Has anyone here seen this app note?

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