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Edgardo Gonzalez
04/07/06 10:52
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Liverpool, Ny

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#113835 - Dear Erik,
Greetings Erik ...

I see you have nothing better to do then to ridicule everyones questions, my advice to you is to help who you want to help do what you do, but dont go around saying what irrelevant, if you have problems at home, dont bring them to I am in College, if i need help i go to a professor during the day, at night i would maybe ask questions on here then get a whole answer from my professor. This site is a learning resource, not for me to simply get answers. You do more whinning then help people. Just thought I would share some of me personal feelings with you.

"Oh and dont mind the code description, its from a previous code
thank you so much, we all just LOVE to answer to things that are not relevant

Erik "

Whos "WE", your the only one B*tching


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Dear Erik,      Edgardo Gonzalez      04/07/06 10:52      
   TRUE      Andrew Delisle      04/07/06 10:54      
      Been done just search        Neil Kurzman      04/07/06 11:57      
         Is it REALLY too much to ask that those      Erik Malund      04/07/06 12:16      
         Two options:      David Smith      04/09/06 04:08      
   "WE",      Erik Malund      04/07/06 11:22      
      not first time      Edgardo Gonzalez      04/07/06 12:16      
         you sure can      Erik Malund      04/07/06 12:24      
            He still didn't read the instructions!        Russell Bull      04/07/06 18:15      
               Shouldn't that be a two way street?      Kalpak Dabir      04/07/06 20:37      
   Try this      Steve M. Taylor      04/08/06 03:45      
   I always think      Jez Smith      04/08/06 04:43      
      Genes      Steve M. Taylor      04/08/06 05:13      
         Probably true      Rob Klein      04/08/06 05:29      
            Really is genetic !      Steve M. Taylor      04/08/06 05:50      
      And what you think is a world standard?      Abhishek Singh      04/08/06 07:29      
         Push too far.      Steve M. Taylor      04/08/06 11:08      
            yes      Abhishek Singh      04/08/06 11:48      
         I give up        Jez Smith      04/08/06 12:44      

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