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Suresh R
04/10/06 04:52
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#113952 - step up voltage regulator
Dear all,
I need to stepup a 12V rectified o/p to 24 Vdc to drive a solenoid coil( rated 24VDC/4.5W).
I though of having a stepup voltage regulator with an output rating 24VDC/1A for this purpose.
I searched the web for an ideal one.
But couldnt get an exact match for what i look.
one i found was what Traco is offering (9-18V i/p ; 24 Vo/p) but it seems to be expensive for me.
So, if anyone having used any thing of that sort could advise me for a suitable one, then it would be of much help to me.

Thanking you,

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