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Richard Erlacher
04/14/06 11:09
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Denver, Co

#114307 - Dual-tracking voltage regulator
Some years ago, I built a power supply using a Raytheon RC4194 regulator IC which, though it was rated for only 250 mA, was adequate for many things. I built it according to the mfg recommendations and never gave it a thought afterward. The recommended design used four additional transistors in order to provide about 4 amperes of output current, which was considerably less well-regulated than the output from the regulator alone, but, it was adequate. The point, of course, was to control the output voltage on both the positive and negative rail, with a single control input, in this case from a potentiometer.

Now I'm interested, perhaps, in building another version of this same sort of circuit, but perhaps with a DAC input rather than a potentiometer. That old regulator has been obsolete for a long time and I'm wondering if there's some really simple and clever way to do what it did, which was to provide bipolar output precisely tracking a single reference input over the range from 0 volts to bipolar 30 volts or so. I'm willing to put forth the effort so long as I can obtain a well-regulated bipolar supply that tracks within 5 mV or so and supplies at least 2.5 amperes. I'm not being too fussy, but close tracking is pretty important.

I want to end up with voltage regulation as cursorily described, adjustable current limiting, and most of the "usual" features provided by monolithic regulator IC's, but in a dual-tracking version controllable with a single control, one for voltage, one for current. I'm interested in what people have to suggest.

Any recommendations?


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Dual-tracking voltage regulator      Richard Erlacher      04/14/06 11:09      
   Sounds s a bit unrealistic      Kai Klaas      04/15/06 21:02      
      This was Kai-bait, in a sense      Richard Erlacher      04/15/06 23:30      
         Keep it simple      Steve M. Taylor      04/16/06 05:07      
            That's what I want to do      Richard Erlacher      04/16/06 10:29      
               Digipots      Steve M. Taylor      04/16/06 10:56      
                  Goodness! How would that work?      Richard Erlacher      04/16/06 11:00      
                     Rotary encoders      Kalpak Dabir      04/16/06 11:24      
                        These don't serve to simplify anything      Richard Erlacher      04/16/06 12:19      
                           Ahem,      Steve M. Taylor      04/16/06 16:50      
         Schematic      Kai Klaas      04/16/06 21:39      
            Thanks, Kai, for presenting this circuit      Richard Erlacher      04/16/06 23:57      
               Is possible      Kai Klaas      04/17/06 20:19      
   Well, I said I'd considered a DAC      Richard Erlacher      04/16/06 17:33      
   isn't there a chip that does this?      Erik Malund      04/17/06 06:37      
      There used to be ...      Richard Erlacher      04/17/06 09:36      
         MAX1965      Erik Malund      04/17/06 10:55      
            EEEEK! It's a switcher!      Richard Erlacher      04/17/06 12:01      
               quiet - variable      Erik Malund      04/17/06 12:19      
                  Interesting ... how about the noise?      Richard Erlacher      04/17/06 17:35      

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