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Richard Erlacher
04/17/06 18:06
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Denver, Co

#114425 - LCD Exerciser?
I was unable to find anyting specifically referring to a full-function exerciser for LCD modules here on 8052.COM.

Has anyone ever constructed a verifyer that tests HD44780-compatible LCD's to ensure that all its functions are available?

There are features most people don't use, but when starting out, one should be comfortable that the thing is capable of doing what's wanted, regardless of how few/many of the inherent capabilities are being used.

I particularly want to do that when I buy these things from surplus vendors, and I suspect I'm not alone.

What have you encountered?


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LCD Exerciser?      Richard Erlacher      04/17/06 18:06      
   what is the problem?      Erik Malund      04/18/06 06:18      
      It's not quite what you think      Richard Erlacher      04/18/06 10:51      
         tempo e denare      Erik Malund      04/18/06 11:28      
         would it not be simpler to just say "cap      Erik Malund      04/18/06 11:37      
            ... you're oversimplifying ...      Richard Erlacher      04/18/06 18:17      
               shifting the subject ?      Erik Malund      04/19/06 06:08      
                  no food-fight      Richard Erlacher      04/19/06 11:41      
                     just getting the ducks in a row      Erik Malund      04/19/06 12:01      
   you missed the point      Richard Erlacher      04/19/06 13:13      
      whatever      Erik Malund      04/19/06 13:32      
         Like I said, you missed the point.      Richard Erlacher      04/19/06 17:51      
            yes, but never at features I do not use      Erik Malund      04/20/06 06:48      
               Do you know what features you'll need?      Richard Erlacher      04/20/06 10:04      
                  I see absolutotally no reason to      Erik Malund      04/20/06 10:46      
                     Perhaps I'm too conservative for you      Richard Erlacher      04/20/06 12:30      
                        a parable, didn't you see      Erik Malund      04/20/06 13:22      
                           now we've changed the subject ... again      Richard Erlacher      04/20/06 13:36      
                              changing subject by responding?????      Erik Malund      04/20/06 14:10      
                                 No, not at all      Richard Erlacher      04/20/06 18:48      
                                    I know, the very instant I ask "why" you      Erik Malund      04/21/06 06:22      
                                       There's good reason      Richard Erlacher      04/21/06 07:57      
                                          For the reason stated above, of course n      Erik Malund      04/21/06 08:01      
                                             That explains it!      Richard Erlacher      04/21/06 08:41      
                                                now who is buying junk?      Erik Malund      04/21/06 09:35      
   LCD Exerciser      Jon Ledbetter      04/21/06 09:13      
      Handed it off yesterday afternoon      Richard Erlacher      04/21/06 10:13      

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