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Prahlad J. Purohit
04/18/06 00:44
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#114430 - Wanted low holding and latching current
Dear Friends,

I am looking for some suitable triac/SCRs for driving very small inductive load. The load I intend to drive is 230V rated 7W pneumatic valve solenoid coils. These coils draw current less than 30mA. I am planning to use MOC3062 as driver and isolater in this application and a suitable Triac/SCR.

I have earlier used SDI2415 1.5Amp DIL SSR RS Stock:244-9031 for these coils in some other product where cost was not a issue. But this new application is very cost sensitive thus cant use those expensive SSR.

Being inductive load I decided to use hi-com triacs such as BTA212 that are available with RS. But all these hi-com triacs available with RS/Farnell/Locally have high Ih and Il of the order of 50mA. I fear that using triacs such as BTA212 etc that have high Ih and Il of the order of 50mA wont work here. BTA204 / BTA201 have smaller Ih and Il and seems to work but is neither available locally nor with RS & Farnell.

What do you suggest should I use I dont want to use dirty mechanical relays? Is there any trick to use triacs having high Ih and Il with smaller loads?

Thanks & Regards,
Prahlad Purohit

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