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Sachin Praba Deshmukh
04/19/06 04:56
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#114508 - Making .LIB Files & using them
Good day to you all!
I am regular reader of this forum. so many difficulties related to 8051 are being solved by this forum and the people attached to this forum.First I want to thank you for all this.

Currently I am facing a difficulty of making .LIB file from a C sourse file and using that file in the program. Can anybody explain me this or provide me some link so that I can explore the possibilities of using these links for making library files.

I had developed LCD driver functions but as per my superior we can't give sourse code. so please try to help me.

Sachin Deshmukh

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Making .LIB Files & using them      Sachin Praba Deshmukh      04/19/06 04:56      
   RTFM?        Andy Neil      04/19/06 05:36      
      but why on earth would that be included      Erik Malund      04/19/06 06:25      

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