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Steve M. Taylor
04/21/06 12:29
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State College

#114701 - Weekend off topic and My homework
...fuel gauges in vehicles usually work by having a float on an arm in the tank, with a potentiometer driven by the arm. The resistance changes the current flowing in an ammeter circuit.

In a standard, rectangular tank, the volume is a linear function of depth.

In a DRUM like tank, on its side, the volume/depth function is co-sinusoidal.

Since any fool can linearise it with an 8052, I was wondering about using LINEAR electronics, whats the simplest way of linearising the transfer function ?
O Ohms = full
500 Ohms = empty.


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Weekend off topic and My homework      Steve M. Taylor      04/21/06 12:29      
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                              Arm      Steve M. Taylor      04/25/06 11:35      

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